Sveti Saint Tomaz method of treating Vestibular Disorganization
Sveti Saint Tomaz

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Our treatment for Vestibular Disorganization is based on the findings of Alfred A.Tomatis and the sensory integration pioneer Jean Ayres. We utilize our understanding that the ear is  responsible for both hearing and balance.  By treating the ear through Vestibular training, we are affecting the ear's function of balance. This sense of balance is essential if you, for example, are to differentiate between the inner and the outer, between the self and the other, between the "me" and the golf ball.

To hit a golf ball you need to know where your body ends and the outer world begins. Or to put it another way, you need to know where your toes end and where the golf ball begins. Soon you will see some improvement from our Vestibular Integration and realize that you have discovered the body of a more competent athlete!

This is actually the first step in your spiritual awakening and about all you need to be "successful" in the dog eat dog world of competitive sports. Of course, we will try to take you beyond that phase into higher realms of maturity and self actualization, where you will play sports just for the joy of it.

At this time you, as a functioning adult, lie somewhere on the coordination continuum between, say, the extremely impaired, and the professional sports player. To improve your abilities on this continuum, we must treat the higher order processing abilities and executive functions. These include laterality and interhemispheric communication, motor planning and praxis, and visual as well as auditory processing abilities. All this is within the rubric of a strong vestibular integration bias in our therapy. The Vestibular Integration program builds upon your gains made during the Tomatis listening training and applies them toward your advancement at higher skill levels.

We then employ therapeutic techniques as means to treat your Vestibular disorganization and bring about an improvement in the integrative functions of your body, and mind...

Other treatment techniques are utilized as a means to break the feedback loop of Vestibular Disorganization. Like a good coach, we must monitor your treatment and set you straight when you wander off the proper path. That is why you must be with us at our facility to have us work with you. This is a customized treatment.

You will find that our treatment for Vestibular Disorganization  should make you a better golfer, and a better organized human being.

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